HI! I'm Ashley.  Why is writing the "about me" section always so hard? Do you want to hear about why I love photography, about my normal life, where I am from? How about a little of everything! So hopefully by the time you made it here you had a chance to take a glimpse of my work and what its about. I enjoy natural light portrait photography in about every realm of everything. Weddings, couples, babies, toddlers, seniors, birthdays and everything in between.  I love to see people through all of the fun things life has in store for them. 

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada! I know, fun right? I have lived in NC since I was about 10 years old and I could not call anywhere else home. I truly love it here. I met my husband about 10 years ago and we have 2 beautiful children together, one boy and one girl. I don't want to sound super cheesy but I truly feel so blessed with my life and my family, they are everything to me. 

I may have a small obsession with chocolate and shopping (basic white girl over here). I would like to say I love to travel but I have a huge fear of flying, like I stay up all night before a flight staring at the ceiling because I'm so scared. Which I have flown back and forth from NC to CA once a year for many years in a row and it never gets easier. How am I supposed to go to Fiji when I am that terrified of flying?! Maybe one day I'll make it there because staying over that crystal clear water in a private hut is my ultimate dream vacation.